Kickers Classes (Ages 3 to 5)

Our Kickers program is specialized just for three to five year olds and helps develop coordination and motor skills.  In this high energy, fun class, your child will learn balance, focus, control and listening skills. Our unique values program will help them learn about Discipline, Integrity, Loyalty and Respect.  Your child will learn skills that will last a lifetime in an atmosphere that will keep them wanting to come back over and over again.

Each class includes a fun “animal planet warm up” where the kids choose an animal to act like.  This helps get them interested in what is going on, and helps to get rid of some of the “hyper” energy that kids that age sometimes have.  Then we use fun activities to teach some traditional martial arts techniques.  We also take time each class to go through skill building activities like and obstacle course or learning to pay atenttion to what is being said.  Finishing things with a “mat chat” time to teach them good values like honesty and respect.