Our Kickers program is specialized karate classes just for three to five year olds and helps develop coordination and motor skills.  In this high energy, fun class, your child will learn balance, focus, control and listening skills. Our unique values programwill help them learn about Discipline, Integrity, Loyalty and Respect.  Your child will learn skills that will last a lifetime in an atmosphere that will keep them wanting to come back over and over again.

Our Kickers Program runs in 2 month cycles with one flat rate which includes a uniform and a testing / promotion.

Help your child can learn these life skills and more at Cannon Karate! 

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In today’s world, it seems like kids go from playing video games to chatting on cell phones…and sometimes they do both at the same time!  With the right activity you can help them break that cycle. Its good for youth to get involved in any sport, but karate is the only one that has all of the tools needed.  Karate classes help with fitness, coordination, focus, goal setting, character development, achievement recognition, social interaction and self confidence.  All while learning to defend themselves…and…they won’t get benched!  They don’t need to be a natural athlete to advance and even excel in karate.   Karate is a fun, safe activity for kids that helps them learn discipline and self control. And best of all…you can do it with them, share the experience and help them learn…or sometimes learn from them 😉

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Through our unique values program we will help your child learn the four principals that Chuck Norris uses as the foundation of our style… Discipline, Integrity, Loyalty and Respect.  In this class, students will learn to listen and to apply good core technique that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  In addition to learning traditional martial arts, students also learn sparring, dealing with bullies, self defense and self-discipline.  These classes keep the energy and fun level up high enough to keep the kids interested and wanting to learn more!

Help your child can learn these life skills and more at Cannon Karate! 

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If you’re like most people, you have always wanted to be a black belt.  Its never too late and you’re not too old.  Getting your black belt is an awesome feeling!  Whether it’s physical fitness, self-defense, increased self-confidence or a combination of all that you are looking for, this karate class is for you.  This is a class for all ages of teens and adults, men and women, parents and grandparents.  Here, students learn self-defense, traditional martial arts, sparring, and grappling.  The fun level is still high, and students always have a good time while learning the best style of martial arts in the world!

Now you can start feeling better physically and feel better about yourself! 

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Self Defense Seminars

At Cannon Karate self defense is our passion.  Helping people learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones is what it is all about.  Our Self Defense Seminars can be designed specifically for your groups needs.  Or we can do a “general defense” seminar.  We offer instruction for attack situations, ground fighting, dealing with an armed attacker and active shooter situations.

While our Adult classes offer self defense traing on a regular basis, the seminars are severals hours of pure self defense training.

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