Self Defense Seminars

Train Today Stay Safe Tomorrow

At Cannon Karate self defense is our passion.  Helping people learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones is what it is all about.  Our Self Defense Seminars can be designed specifically for your groups needs.  Or we can do a “general defense” seminar.  We offer instruction for attack situations, ground fighting, dealing with an armed attacker and active shooter situations.Cannon Karate Self Defense

Our “Super Suit” allows for students to put their new skills to “real feel” use.  At the end of the course we have two volunteers put on a special suit that absorbs and spreads the feel of the impact from strikes.  This lets the students defend from an attacker with almost full power and speed to see how the skills that they learned are working for them.  This is one of the best parts of the course.  Its fun and it shows how hard it can be to defend yourself.  It also shows how the proper training can make a lot of difference in wether you become the victim or the victor!  People come away feeling confident in their new abilities.

Most of the self defense moves that we teach are based on gross motor skill ability.  This means that even under fearful conditions, your brain can still tell your body what to do.  As the brain gets stressed one of the first things to happen is the loss of fine motor skills and the ability to process complex tasks.  This means that you won’t be able to do fancy, complex moves.  Our training keeps the movements simple yet effective, so under stressed situations it can still work for you.