Adult Karate Classes (Ages 12 and up)

If you’re like most people, you have always wanted to be a black belt.  Its never too late and you’re not too old.  Getting your black belt is an awesome feeling!  Whether it’s physical fitness, self-defense, increased self-confidence or a combination of all that you are looking for, this karate class is for you.  This is a class for all ages of teens and adults, men and women, parents and grandparents.  Here, students learn self-defense, traditional martial arts, sparring, and grappling.  The fun level is still high, and students always have a good time while learning the best style of martial arts in the world!

Now you can start feeling better physically and feel better about yourself! 

Our Adult Karate classes start with a somewhat unique warm up routine.  Specifically designed to build functional strength and functional flexibility, this routine will help you feel more mobile and flexible…all without stretching. Stretching can be harmful to your joints.  Making them weak and prone to injury.  Our warmup routine helps to strengthen joints while enhancing mobility.  In our classes we focus on making sure the students understand what they are doing, and why they are doing it.  Questions and interactions are encouraged as it helps everyone to better their understanding and skill.  With a focus on family and friendship, our Adult Karate Classes are great for your family.